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My fellow Rebel Riders, with heavy heart I announce I no longer deserve to be on this great group, I sold my baby and got myself a Yamaha V star Classic 650, I'm extremely content but I know I will miss my lil' red devil, if you guys don't mind, I will like to keep being a member of this fine group...

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  • Looks like a nice ride!

  • Never leave good company~

  • RAd ride!! Congrats!!

  • I upgraded and I'm still here, other bike groups aren't like this one.

  • I went the opposite way. I had a v-star 1100 (which someone totaled) and then I "downgraded" to the Rebel.

  • Chev Chelios! LOL i still have my Rebel but i ride the same: 2004 model

  • Size wise yes, but can't really beat their reliability and will lol

  • ^^ actually hubby's bike that he does NOT like

  • It was inevitable Chev Chelios. We still love you.

  • Why change ??? Rebel will do all Star does !! ? For single rider, at half the cost , !! ??

  • speaking for myself only, i love my little Rebel.

    However, i rode the V-star to my hubby's place of employment - just because i hadn't ridden it further than close to home. His son bought the bike for him and his first time out, he 'wiped out' sitting still (trying to go from a stop sign). He's used to riding a Burgman 400 (automatic; no shifting. It's like a motorcycle disguised as a scooter. 0-60 in seconds!) so shifting was almost foreign to him. That was about 2 years ago and he's not ridden it since. His son got it out of the building last week, to start it up. I got on it to see how big it was - and it's wide! Then his son decided to take it for a short ride around the block and i told him i'd take the Rebel and meet him down the street to try riding it.

    It was a bit scary but before going anywhere, i played with the clutch and throttle to get the feel for it.

    From there, it was good.

    So i rode it to show hubby i could ride it, mostly. He wasn't there so i rode back home. I needed to run to the convenience store and since the V-Star doesn't have any bags, i needed to take the Rebel. When i got on the Rebel after riding the V-Star, it was like an adult having ridden a 26" 10-speed and going to a 10 yr-old's 16" little bicycle. For me. And i'm only 5' 3" tall!

    But i had mentioned to my husband that when i'm on the Rebel, my knees are up high; my feet remind me of someone on a crotch-rocket (behind my butt almost instead of a little more in front of my knees) ... and i cannot scoot back in the seat. He's always said i need to 'lean back'; that i sit up straighter than anyone he's ever seen. LOL!! I can lean back but then i'm hanging onto the bars and can't "relax".

    with the V-Star, my feet are in front of my knees. The gears shift a LOT better than my Rebel's gears. My arms are more out-stretched so that i'm not sitting up straight but the seat is back far enough that i'm not hanging on the bars to lean back. And when riding the Rebel on the 4-lane highway, i canNOT speed up at 65mph to pass any faster if i need to. Going up hills around here on the Rebel puts a strain on it to get UP the hills.

    The V-star has the power to speed up if needed AND to easily climb any hill i've yet to encounter ...... but i love my little Rebel.

  • Well you answered that !!

  • LOL :)

  • Looking into a Vulcan 750

  • I have a rebel and a shadow and I know the feeling but rebel is good for in town travels and the shadow is for the highway for fun I ride my shadow and then my rebel around town ad she is light and fast also delay on the throttle let it get some compression and then crank it it jumps pretty good

  • Don't get me wrong, Rebels are amazing, was extremely happy with mine, but wanted more power, my new toy has so much power, I just love it!