Photos from Chris Lawrence's post


Similar? I think :)

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  • Definitely not by the engine

  • And length

  • Big headlight and rear fender

  • id be curious to know... IF there is any difference in the rake angle of the two bikes...

  • And of course the long exhaust

  • Obviously the engine is completely different. And there are obvious differences. They are different bikes. But I don't see how anyone can not see the similarities between the two.

  • And if I got a seat that looked like the Indians it would really look similar.

  • The long downward angles of those aero fenders are very similar to those of the Indians. Someone posted not that long so a pic of the 1100 aero with the Indian fenders on it. Looked just like an Indian. And could clearly see the way the original aero parts resembled. I'll post the pic to the page if I can find it. (My phone wont post pics in comments)

  • That would be cool!

  • Pics posted to page