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Little fabrication but made it work! Rack and bib

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  • Hopefully I'll be moving out west and never need them. Right now I like my small handlebar bag. Now I'll probably get some sorts flat bag to go on the fender rack.

  • It is pretty much year round riding, but in the Bay Area you still have some extremes in 50s on the coast and over 100 in the Central Valley some times. Bags help!

  • It does get over 100 in my area. But you don't feel it so much while riding. Just gotta keep hydrated.

  • @monica, and keep moving! lol

  • Yup yup

  • @ Chris Looks great. Would like to know where you got the rack. Looking to put one on my Aero too. Thx

  • Is it a Kuryakyn product?

  • Got the rack from a seller in here. Not sure the make. I like how it conforms to the fender. I think it was for a 750. But I modified it to fit my 1100

  • May have found it looking thru yahoo pictures. The dealer I did find is out of stock. It's a good start though.

  • That's it !