• Photos from Chris Thorne's post

    The walk around of my dirty X she needs a good scrubbing and a lil paint here an their and some polishing and it will be fine for the time being

    • Probably valve seals, no big deal and it lubes the rings on startup. Honda builds a tough engine

    • I had a big red that was missin stuff all over and steady leaked oil from every place possible....the guy I sold it to still rides it and that was 5 years ago lol

    • Keep the oil level safe and ride it out lol

    • yea it has to be valve seals i was told it'll run forever like that so I'm not to worried about it right now she's a good strong rider starts 1-3 without even layin a finger on the choke

    • It shouldn't but if its gonna you will kno way before it does...lol

    • check it everyday i ride it if it needs oil i put some in an continue my day

    • my tank is actually really clean on the inside just outside is lil beat an banged up i was guna do a lil body work to it and repaint it.

    • I posted mine check it out you can't beat it for the price lol...but shoot I've rode some ruff lookin wheeler...the ones you'd can thrash without worry are the most fun.

    • Wow looks like you use it more than my garage queen.but when I do I prefer a 350x.

    • oh yea she gets rode she's no beauty queen but she,s a good solid platform for a nice rider