Photos from Cliff Overton's post

First look inside the K1 engine - have not seen an exhaust cam like that before.

  • Adjustable sprocket?

  • Not as far as I can see

  • The right side exhaust cam lobe is badly worn - beyond use.

  • Interesting, I wonder if someone fitted a new sprocket at some stage? Maybe it was chewed out and this was his best option, or they have changed the lobe centre angle??

  • No, just an early cam, I got many of those. These cams have the wide lobes .

  • Looks like the original was machined off new one pressed on?

  • Took the head and cylinders off today. Chambers are rust free!

  • The bore is shiny and clean, no grooves, no marks, no rust.

  • And the pistons cleaned up just fine too.

  • The only thing stopping me from splitting the cases is the gear change shaft being well stuck in the sprocket cover. I will give it a week of soaking then resort to violence.

  • Cliff Overton were you aware of the Shepparton swap meet this weekend?

  • Very aware and attending Gavin - will I see you there?

  • Yeah I think so. Bring those parts with you we'll get em sorted!