• Photos from Cliff Overton's post

    Thinking that the lack of oil might have had something to do with this ...

    • Hit it with some wet & dry. It'll be OK :-)

    • OUCH

    • I reckon this engine seized at a very young age - everything from the barrels down is like new.

    • Need new rings? If it's std I got a set I never used. That's if it's still std

    • Yes please Gavin Canute

    • Found em.

    • Cliff what happend with the surface ? should look like this

    • Dunno.

    • Wire brush on bench grinder?

    • Brass wire brush in the drill

    • a glass plate and valve grinding paste to do the job

    • Brass wire brush lightly applied to take the baked on crap off - then "paste and plate".

    • the head work on the pic was done by a pro but when i keep the surface clean with a wet stone sharpener. i also use it for the crank case surfaces , works fine. https://www.walmart.com/ip/Whe tstone-Cutlery-Two-sided-Whets tone-Sharpening-Stone/23848366

    • Yeah - I will probably send this head and cylinders out to the same guy that just did the last set for me - he got them nice and flat

    • new cam and lifter plus check valve lash

    • Er - yes. Obviously.