Photos from Cody Donovan's post

For sale ..make offer ..will ship

  • 82 v45

  • I'm lookin for a 84 v65

  • I paid $50 for just speedometer .

    You have three pieces.

  • So if u will take $50

  • ..

  • Joey Giddens Cody Donovan has been a member for a week. I will leave post for 24 hours to let you decide to proceed or not. After that it will be removed and Cody you will have to serve a new member probation of a month to sell. In review of you page you have just started going and posting items for sale in the last month, several in just the last week. We have had to many burned by newbies that I have to impose this. Sorry

  • This is the only item i put for sale. .ive posted pictures of my bike but its not for sale ....the only reason I have the cluster for sale is cause i needed a speedo cable and it came with it...i love this group it has gave me great ideas for my bike and has solved some problems

  • I will allow it but any problems reported to me and I will have to ask you to leave. We have had several get burned so it is the new rule that the admins decided on. It is to protect every single member. Learn and good luck. This is a fine group with knowledge to share.

  • Thanks

  • .