• Photos from Collin Baldwin's post

    Finished the rear signals with a custom pair of Jardine visors from a Kawasaki. Adds a awesome touch of style. Next to install the front signals.

    • very cool

    • Looks nice!

    • Thanks man, wanted something a little different

    • Looks very nice!

    • How'd you install the lenses?

    • I reshaped the caddy lenses to mimic the stock ones and used the same stock screw and hole

    • Use a dremel or files?

    • Both, dremel to get close. Finished with a file. Also a micrometer was a big help to match the diameter and the depth

    • Very nice. They look great. I have thought of doing it with the shorter bullet lenses for clearance lamps and adding the dual element socket for running, brake and turn signal.

    • 10~4 , I may still convert mine to the duals