Photos from Colton Coutee's post

2004 Forman 450 runs an drives just rebuilt motor port polished head new rings has 4 inch homade bracket lift makes it hard to turn hav a trailer load of parts that goes with it enough to buil another bike have cluches pistons bottom ends top ends at least 2 of every thang including another 2000 Forman hull that has all plastic wanting 850 for everything bout it a week ago an rebuilt it this past weekend gotta get my trans rebuilt in my truck call text or message 1318 471 7716 located in natchitoches la 4wd. I will trade for same year model 350 rancher 2wd about an 04 to 06

  • Yea just top end I have all you have to do put piston kit in it and put back together

  • Ight bro

  • I'll call you whenever I turn by legacy

  • I don't pull motor out the frame ether I leave it in the frame

  • K

  • Yea I usually do to but I took this motor off another fourwheeler

  • What all you brought with u

  • Oh ok

  • Too much to type you can look through it when I get there

  • K