Photos from Connor Parsons's post

New seat and leavers :) I know indercators are bit broke after a new set anyone got flush set for front?


  • seats nice mate

  • Thanks mate will take better pics when all my parts have arrived there's more to come

  • I've got some but they're that cheap on eBay it's hardly worth me selling them to you

  • What flush mount indercators? I couldn't find any lol

  • I tried 3 types and recommend these. But beware there is basically zero front visibility. These don't have an E mark but are brighter (significantly) than the type which does. 399974990

  • I'll swap my flush mount ones for your broken oem ones?

  • Really ahahaha

  • Yeah, I just need one of the orange lens' as I lost one, I took my flush mount smoked indicators for stock, where are you?

  • I'm in Exeter bud will it be able to fit straight on my bike lol or do I have to buy boomerangs ? I'm confused how they actually go on hahaa

  • They just take a nut on the back of them to hold them in place from the inside of the boomerang, they look nice I just prefer the stock ones

  • Oh yeah i see now hahah where you based mate?

  • I have the nuts to secure them but you'll need to cut your oem wires to wire these

  • Connor Parsons Hemel Hempstead, so quite far but I can post this week?

  • Yea mate would much appreciate it if keen for swapping I can post them to I'm genuine obviously they damaged as you know but lenses are fine

  • Okay sweet, inbox me and we'll sort it all out

  • Nice one bud :))) thanks