Photos from Cory Jordan's post

Removed my airbox this weekend. Wasn't able to do much of a test ride afterwards. Used 130 main, 45 pilot, a/f mix screws out 1.25 turns. I feel like I need 140 or 145 mains. Any others had success with tuning?

  • You need 48 pilot and more like 142 or more main. More if no baffles.

  • I just switched back to stock. I'm happy just being able to turn them out 2 1/2 and calling it good lol

  • I'm running fully open exhaust. I've heard & read a lot of different things that riders have done, including using a 128 main & 42 pilot being ok. I'll pick up an assortment when I can.

  • I'd do that but when I got the bike, he had half assed a bob job so I figured I'd get what I can out of it. It's my first bike and I'd love to learn what I can.

  • I had the same problem. He had such unrestricted pipes with no carb work that it wouldn't hold a tune. Had to go back to stock

  • Running this K&N 2 inch pipes rejected to 46 pilot and 108 main tapered needle 1 shim and 3 1/4 turns out.

  • look for posts by bald eagle and mcvier. They go into detail. Also tj stiles video on YouTube. Says 48 pilot I agree. I believe I used 142 main. I have baffles.

  • Get rid of the pods order tj brutal customs stacks I had pods my bike would bog out at 75 switched to stacks I'm doing 95 easy

  • I went with pods because I was a little worried about the screens stacks use. I'm not as worried with the protection of an actual filter. What carb work did you have done?

  • Have you tried going over 75 yet if it Boggs at all I'd switch. Mine seemed to run fine till I got up to high speed do a test and I didn't have anything done I do all my work my self lol I have pods I changed the jets not sure the size I have it was a while ago I did it I also raised my needle a washer or two