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Bikes from 2004 until now .quite a spread I guess. Loved so many of these bikes vtr was nice anyone looking to swap a 2005 z1000 with 8.5k on the clock lol

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  • Did miss one between the first gsxr and the zzr 600

  • Long story if anyone's interested ?????

  • Nice selection

  • No, not interested

  • It's been a nice ride .I'd like a triple next

  • OK so when I left school I was sure I'd have a mitsubushi evo 8 .left school and realised I wasn't going to be able to afford that speed .so passed my test on a fazer 600 (gold) then quickly upgraded to my first gsxr 600 .i swapped this for a breif time with my cousin for a harley but had to swap backthe company I was with went through and the bike was re possessed .I said at that point I'd never have a bike on tick again. So I bought a zzr 600 which went for less than a mile and the cdm unit died .I cleaned it up and sold it and bought my second fazer .it gets a bit hazy here but it then went dragstar 600 .thunderat 600 and then the second gsxr which turned out to be a cat c write off .I then got my cbr which I swapped for the triumph which was immaculate I then swapped the triumph for the BMW r1150 r . I got ride of that a bought the vfr .I then bought the r6 which i swapped for a crf 450x enduro bike .I swapped that for the fz6 which I then sold to buy the vtr that had problems so it went back to the main dealer and I had a full refund .I then bought my current bike a 2005 z1000 and that's the end of the story . Ps. I also had a honda deuville but I can't remember where in the order ☺

  • Could be interested, what sort of value are you putting on the z.?