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Rear-end about together

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  • Looks real nice and clean. I'd remove the electrical tape and use blue locktite. I've used it for years without fail...

  • Tape just keeps crud off

  • It would look good matching the caliper...

  • True

  • i always use tape.never loc tight.

  • As if it isn't hard enough to get off when you need to.

  • I did clean real good and put grease on it before I put back together

  • i have had to cut them off several times.that sucks.

  • Loc tight is released with heat just in case you didn't know

  • Cale Sousa heating them up makes them tighter..i learned that one the hard way.

  • Well then lol mine always got easier it melts it normally but results very

  • i agree heat is needed to melt loc tight but the antifades dont like heat.they lock up tighter for some reason.

  • O I get it now

  • Blue locktite guys not red.... heating the nut causes expansion if you heat the threads it will actually make the nuts harder to remove...

  • Got some shoes on impulse also

  • Meaty!!