• Photos from Curt Case's post

    Fitted my Tyga Carbon and had some fun with a mask lol!

    • How do you like the sound?

    • Absolutely love it

    • Cool.im going to be getting a tyga when I get a exhaust

    • What is the tail light??

    • Comp werkes integrated

    • You can get them with clear, smoke or red lens

    • I like the look of these mate. I take it that it is a running light around it. How much are they?

    • Yes, you're right.

      Cost .... Sorry I don't remember. It was one of my first mods, but I think it was around £50/60. Mine is a "Suga", there are a few different makes needless to say.

    • What colour did you have?

    • Smoke lens

    • What's your bike look like ?

    • This is my Sunday Best. Now has a Akro, brake conversion and GI Pro atre ignition retard eliminator.

    • Suddenly I feel inadequate lol. Ninja was next on my wish list ........ I'm jealous

    • This is my daily commute stunt bike. Biggest sprocket I could get made and stubny can that is just to loud. This is what the grom will be replacing as can't really get any bits for this.

    • OMG