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So the ABS model has finally arrived, but only ABS on the front wheel, rear is still standard. Price has risen from £2969 to £3293 and service intervals have increased to 4000 miles which is probably something to do with the Euro4 compliancy of the engine, but can't be sure exactly......but those seem to be the only noticeable differences.

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  • The 1st msx sold to Elliot Stewart last week came from a slightly negative starting block as Elliott wasn't too keen on ABS on a little fun bike! He came in today and has informed me that just after 300 miles in a week he's actually engaged the ABS down a quiet road and said it works great makes a funky noise sound and actually now appreciates it being on his bike! If we all thought the upgrade could be setting Honda back well over £450-£500 for the euro 4 compliant standards? It could have been so easy for Honda to call it a day providing the UK with MSX'S?

  • 125 with abs

  • Maybe, but good enough to lock and low side on a wet road

  • I'd like to see it in action with bee rubber before spending £500 more quid on a bike that doesn't have it. Y

  • Fucking Vee Rubbers! That's gonna cancel our the benefit of ABS, Shirley?

  • I'm LQQKING forward to seeing the new ABS in action. My personal opinion I think ABS is a good thing. Especially if it works on the msx. I have ABS on my 650 and I wouldn't want to be without it.

  • Tbh I don't think the ABS is a problem but IMO £3300 is just too much for a grom for me and I think a lot of people will be put off by the price hike I know a lot of people who bought them because they were a really nice sub 3000 125 that didn't look boring and was a decent brand

  • It is with the build quality

  • What you mean?

  • All the ones we had delivered today have the ircs

  • With an Ebc oversized disk I went flying over the Handle bars they are good lol

  • This price tag is nearly £700 more than what I paid for my SF last July.

  • As previously said only front has it, just like a scooter system SH etc

    It's a budget bike and budget abs, personally anyone new to bikes or not confident in the wet weather etc will prove to be useful but to the endo lovers or stunt chaps, you'll hate it

  • Shame they dont have full abs with ebd that can send braking to either side if steering to turn it in better etc. shitty motorbikes trying to catch up to car tech. eks dee

  • But it hasnt put honda back £450 / £500 because the price of the bike has gone up ?

  • You have no right to be on the car side. 1 you have a car out of how many people in the world that exist??? And you had nothing to do with the car technology... ;)

  • Never said I did. Facts are facts tho and they're historic in terms of tech