Photos from Dale Clifton's post

Anyone know of any rear sets that have fold up pegs ? Can't be doing this again

  • Standard mate this is the reason I run std

  • Yeah but I like the backward feel of the sets

  • Any use ?

  • Dale then your stuck with solids if you want decent

  • James Tinson runs them I think

  • 622734509

    I stand corrected the Germans are on it

  • They look better look more like the standard front position but along them lines. Just don't like the clumsyness of the standard ones

  • Them mnnthbx one have a std foot peg position dale not the position you like

  • I'm sure the driven rearsets the peg unscrews

  • Love mine

  • Karl Waldron that would work a treat well done Karl

  • Why would u want fold ups? More protection for your bike's wheels and fairings, bars and mirrors without