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Another eBay bargain £5.98 flushish front indicators made to fit the MSX on new boomerangs that's better.

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  • Same here

  • same ones i've had since 2014.. no issues.. :)

  • That good then nice

  • Will these fix the old shape msx

  • been thru many rain storms.. :)

  • Running lights too?

  • His is the old shape bud

  • Na who wants them

  • Me I love them

  • Looked at them but wanted to match rear smoked len too

  • I got the smoked version. Can't find them now though

  • Dave Squires theses are going to be used daily

  • will these work on the 2017 model?

  • Did on mine

  • You can tell from the boomerang its the old shape!

  • What relays did you use you got a eBay number ?

  • Mine was already on it sorry I can help. Don't want to advice people to crap unless I've had it or seen it working

  • ..

  • Any one know any sites where i can buy a red boomerang cheap and do these lights fit straight into them?

  • See I want flush indicators for my bike but what would you use for rear ones cause I don't think you can get flush ones for the rear am or sure