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    So guys who else needs/wants a pretty new part for there bike? Msx clutch Spring pressure plate! Still plenty left to go around :) £45 delivered in UK £3.30 posted in USA

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    • Sian Page

    • I hear you!

    • Are they straightforward to fit?

    • Indeed, remove the old, replace the bearing from the old to the new and then fit the 3 bolts again or with some people they tap the other three holes and bolt all 6 up to you but a simple job

    • Have you still got a few left?

    • Yes

    • Yea

    • Can I have one, please? Do you have a shop or should I drop you a message on here? Cheers!

    • Messaged you sian

    • Hmm, I can't see it in any of my folders. Do we need to be Facebook friends?

    • still not? its gotta be in your *others*