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    Hey guys I'm having a discounted sale on for the Grom msx clutch plates I'm going to sell the next 15 clutch pressure plates at £28 delivered in the UK, additional ontop for outside UK

    £28 these will sell fast so make sure you get yours!!

    • I've just pm'd you.

    • Messaged you. Are they billet aluminium?

    • Yes

    • Look like cast to me

    • Pm

    • I promise you now Brian they are not cast!

    • Rob Cromack indeed you did, this is a discount special to get some out. How good was the quality?

    • I think we should be refunded the difference

    • The quality was great

    • What are these for? What's the benefit?

    • My picture

    • stock is breakable

    • 9 still available at the discounted price