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    Could this relay be why my radiator fan runs until my battery is completely dead.

    • and very gossibility. Sounds like you have a short that lives the earth and live together...

    • I will link a new connector that eliminates this bad corrsion...


    • ~Just solder the new ends on to the cut off wires to make way for a more superiour connector. I used this to repaire my blackbird wiring due to major electrical failure in its harness. Common problems

    • If you're sure that's the fan relay ... sure thing. It looks that it got stuck inside, contacts weldered together caused by a spark. The thing heated up too.

      Change the relay and try to clean the contacts of the plug real good in the first place, if possible.

    • just swap it out regardless. That thing is Toast. trust me. aint worth repair just replacing. furthermore, my version is warterproof. that piece of crap aint. no i am not sure its the fan relay, the point is connection like those should not be present on a dam nice piece of hardware let alone to still be functional. Things like that is a fire hazard and needs good protection. after all your life is based on a FUEL TANK.

    • have you not done a draw test. ? multimeter your battery for a amp test. Once connected up. dtart up MMeter then start disconnection 1 by 1. When you find the parasidic draw that is your problem. Let say your bike is sucking 2.5 amp. the only thing left to disconnect is the REG/REC, then all of a sudden your parasidic draw drops to 0.2 amp.... That would be your problem. your REG/REC is stuffed.

    • so on so fourth.