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Out for a jont on the ole 350x

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  • I just sold my Baja warrior, but I wouldn't have done it if I didn't have a backup! Just wish it was a real fat cat instead!

  • Haha sweet little things tho eh? Round here im like the kid who could never afford a real skateboard so got really good on walmart boards... lol i cant afford a fat cat or one of the yamaha BW models so all i got is my warrior !

  • They are crazy how slow and far you can lean them. I'm rebuilding one all army green with white stensiling and a 6hp robin engine. I'm trying to figure out something other than the fake tank to use because I'm not using the original clone and gas tank. I wanted to use this old Harley Davidson tank I have but its too long.

  • Yea ive got 1200$ of wrk in mine, those tires were 400$ alone lol i just bought a 6.5 hp gx200 last night for it and next thats goin on is the TAV2 Torque converter and a snorkel for muddin :) if u want a bomb tank the 2012 mb200 tank fits the warrior, the warriors original tank is hollow aluminum but the mb200 tank has a watertight storage compartment and they are only 50$ on the ombwarehouse website. Go there for all the parts you need they have the best prices for aftermarket parts

  • And if you call yamaha and tell them you have a bruin 350 and would like 2 handlebar velcro covers they will send them either free or dirt cheap, and they just so happen to fit the forks of a warrior like a glove as forkcovers