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    Auto Tyre Aeal(Tire Sealant/500ml per bottle)

    For Sale: 150p per bottle

    High Performance and New Generation ;)

    - Flat Prevention, this product is suitable for all kinds of tires, the shelf life is 3 years, it can be repeatedly automatic patching a tire. Leakage of more than 60 times, sealing up diameter of 7mm.

    > The Amount of a Single Tyre:

    Bicycle = 100-200ml

    The Car = 400-700ml

    Motorcycle = 200-400ml

    The Truck = 700-1000ml

    - Just call or text me: 09355514104/message me on FB or comment to this posted item :D

    - Thanks Admin. GOD BLESS US ALL :)

    • pwde ba to sa tricycle pamasada?

    • pde sir pra sa lahat po yn til' sa mapudpod n ang gulong at no vulcanize npo.

    • ganu karami lagay nyan?

    • may nagsabi po na mbgat daw po ito sa gulong?

    • dpende sir pde per tire is 1btl pro pde dn per gulong is kalahati nung 1btl kya un 1 btl pde na sa 2 tires dpende po sainyo.

    • Ndi nman po sir bka sobra sobra yun mglagay, aq wla nmn binigat ang gulong q kung ano topspeed q noon gnun p dn until now. At wla nmn pingbgo.

    • ok po xalamat

    • Your Welcome po sir :)