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Just had a set of Michelin PR4's fitted. Ordered from (great price and quick delivery) and got my local guy to fit them.

  • How much?

  • £205 inch VAT and Delivery, my fitter charged my £40 to fit (which included him removing the wheels, balancing and re-fitting).

  • Wonder how many miles you can get out of back tyre ?

  • Got mine mounted recently on the biffa.. Love them

  • Recently got pilot road 3's fitted including balancing. He also drained the excess oil from my engine, as it was overfilled by previous owner. Price £260.

  • That's nice looking rubber. I'm still using whatever it came with, new. Only 6,500 km, or so.

  • My CBF is a 2008 and the tyres (BT57's) were both date stamped 2007 - 7 year old rubber! When I bought it 2 years ago it only had 1700 miles on the clock, its now got 5,500.

  • Expect around 15,000 miles from BT57's if your not hard on them.

  • I hope to get at least 8k out of my new tyres, as I'm not a knee down person. However when I have an open road, I will make rapido progress!