Photos from Darren Wardle's post

As promised scotty the jocktor here are some pics. Done 727 miles this year and ready for summer now she's had a wash

  • She's looking "Braw"

  • What you doing on Facebook at this time of the day ? , Geordie will be not pleased the dinner ain't on

  • Nice lady bye the way

  • Nice color this is!

  • This is even better Colour and faster.

  • No silvers quicker

  • The fastest

  • Nice

  • Oh no

  • Darren Wardle . My better side.

  • Darren Wardle aye it is.

  • Looking good mate

  • They are very photogenic those biffas

  • She's like a blonde in a thunder storm with the lightening! Thinks she's getting her pic taken lol

  • Darren Wardle Glen Shee

  • I've worked in Scotland a few times and it's always amazed me with the views and the roads

  • Coolest!

  • They are all great though!

  • To be honest Tim best bike I've had. I've had some good bikes, but no better then the biffa. It does everything well. Really easy to live with/ ride

  • Darren Wardle Yes - same here. Best bike for sure. Plus a great community we have here too!