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Found another potential bike to buy. '74 CB450. Complete but hasn't been on the road since 1990. 'Ran when parked'. Still kicks over. Tank is dented on left side. Mufflers are rusted out. Squirrels got at the seat. He's asking $350 obo. Thoughts? Good starting point for a project?

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  • The fairing too... I love finding the old jap bikes with touring gear. It looks so strange now but back then I bet it was cool.

  • Touring gear was not cool back then. Lol. And I know, because I was there then.

  • Lmfao!

  • The prices in the US are really unbeatable... In Germany would be much much higher...

  • This is actually in Canada... So $350 Canadian is like $12USD with the shitty exchange rate haha.

  • Cost you $35,000 for that in Australia !

  • Buy it.

  • being Cool in 1975 no fairing and definitely no saddle bags..

  • yes buy it, but you must know that it is expensive to restore the motor of a 450cb

  • Nice! Gotta love the green

  • Nah - it's cheap!

  • ??? the price for a new distribution for example

  • Cheap. Try restoring an old British bike or an old Ducati. If you are going to play with old bikes then Hondas are cheap

  • i'm not agree, i have restored 3 bmw, it is cheapper than a 450 cb (sorry for my english i'm french)

  • Buy an electronic ignition from Charlie's Place - cheap investment.

  • it's the distribution the problem; it's hard to find and expensive when you finaly find it

  • Guillaume Binois - your English is way better than my French. And yes - restoring a BMW in Europe would be cheap. Try doing that in Australia.

  • How many points plates do you want? I have six.

  • plates ? i don(t understand. but anyway the 450 is a "formidable" bike, and even if it's a little bit expensive, i'm happy to have one !

  • Guillaume Binois - distributor plate that holds the points for the ignition - is this what you mean by distribution? Sorry it took a while for me to respond - I needed to go do something very French with my wife.

  • no distribution is for me : Cam Chain / Tensioner / Guideroller schematic

  • Ah - I see

  • You would get all of that here on this Facebook page for under $100, second hand but usable.

  • i rebuild my motor actually, i have find it, but for more expensive .... sniff

  • Lmao. I can still show up on whatever she wants...

  • Lol!

  • You and a few hundred others

  • I just want to see how high I can get this pile of engines without it falling over

  • Paul Guglielmin I haven't sold the 450 yet...

  • Good you still cool

  • Picked it up last night. Haven't had time to touch it other than to take the fairing off. Excited to start actually working on it! Turns out it is a K5 built in 2/72.

  • Dent on header pipe -$100, wrong bolts on headlight bucket -25, pinstriping on tank minus -100, super long tire valve stem -25, missing kickstart rubber -300. Original gold seal tires...priceless