• Photos from Dave Coppock's post

    Engine crash cages for sale pm if interested

    • Dave at that price surly you could include postage ? ;) if so I'll be messaging you for payment terms mate!

    • Buy from America or Thai shit if you want mate

      The quality of these is the best

    • Can arrange to meet with them epsom or redhill area if easier for people

    • I believe you, been holding out for non Chinese shit !

    • James Llewellyn where are you from I don't mind meeting locally

    • Cardiff

    • Fuck that lol

    • Check ur pm

    • I of Dave Coppock cages fitted to Bens bike

    • These cages are top notch, you wont be disappointed if you buy one trust me!!! I love mine

    • how much?

    • £275.00 message Dave Coppock if interested for more info...