• Photos from David Barker's post

    '80 & '81 ct110's

    • Helmets are cool

    • Awesome!

    • Yep, normally, just not those few rounds around the house.

    • What one is better 1980 with no hi/lo. Or 1981 with hi lo

    • I had the '81 as a kid, rode it for 5-6 years and only used the low range a handful of times, it was cool when used (felt like it would go straight up a tree).

      I hear the '80 is least desirable year as its the only one without the high/low gear box.

    • David Barker I have the 1980. I don't mind it at all for road riding.

    • Thats how you do it!!

    • The good life!

    • I'm 325# and I got my 1980 up to 85kph. Flat road no tail wind