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I need some help guys.

I am currently restoring a 1983 CB900F2D. Running gear looking pretty good now.

Started on the engine and I just cant get the cylinder head off.

Cams out. All domed nuts off and the 2 hex bolts on the front.

I cannot turn the engine over any more because No1 inlet valve on No1 cylinder is stuck in an open position.

I manually turned the engine over to this point so no seizure.

I have tried tapping it. studs seem free.

  • I would start by removing the studs, and then use a rubber mallet or nylon headed hammer strike around the head structure (but not the fins). The head sits on two steel dowels, one either side of the head and these often corrode. You should be able to see them looking from the side with the head barrel joint at eye height.

  • I think there is another small bolt somewhere where the head meets the cylinders,but I might be wrong,been a while. Other then that head should not be that hard to get off. Use a thin blade scraper thats sharp to carefully tap in where gasket is and work around head to loosen.