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You may remember my post from a few weeks ago, I was having problems removing the head and barrels from my CB900F project.

Well after much tapping and some bashing with a wooden drift and even some heat and copious amounts of some stuff called XCP NOTHING, it has not moved 1 millimetre.

All the engine studs appear to be free and there are no bolts or fasteners still attached.

Is it possible to remove the crank complete with pistons when the crankcases are split. Then tap the head and barrels from the inside to see if they come off.

I love the idea of hanging the engine by the barrels but I have no means of suspending the engine.

Your ideas, comments and help are most welcome.

  • Are you a member at A member came up with a removal setup for the stubborn ones.

  • Its not possible to remove crank with piston attached

  • !!

  • Leave pistons in barrels....

  • Well your gaining nothing by taking the bottom end apart ,the cylinder head is stuck to barrels,so the crank and pistons have nothing to do with that. It should not be that hard to get a head off. The barrels from the block and studs can be harder to get apart, but cylinder head is only held on by a stuck on gasket. A gasket is not that strong,even if it has to split in half. Get the thin scraper and start working around the gasket.

  • Thanks for the suggestions guys. I will continue with the engine I have. Its not been wet inside but has stood for a long time. Ii finally got the head off today.. Light hammer work with a piece of hardwood... Plenty of Lubricant, I used XCP Professional and a little heat from my heat gun. Time to get the barrels off.

  • Good luck!

  • Thank you