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She's got a new battery and Boss Mc420b speakers installed and now ready for a ride.

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  • Looks like Hollywood movie prop. Bet it sounds gr8

  • The cross over duals sound pretty good. Spent a small fortune to install but was worth the money.

  • How's the speakers sound?

  • They do the job and can't beat the price. The 420b is bluetooth so just stream music from my phone. I think thier like $69 on amazon. Had a set on my vtx for 2 yrs but wasn't the bluetooth ones and decided the bluetooth is best way to go.

  • Oh wow.. I love the exhaust.. I know it's to expensive to customize one.. cuz I am planning to make one too..

    How did you extend the fenders? Is it fiber glass?

  • Yep fiberglass, i wanted wide fenders so if i remember right the back is 10 or 11" and i frenched most of the strut support into the fender and i frenched in the license plate. Up front i had to mold the fender around the forks but i got the look I wanted. Got my fenders here.

  • Where did you install the amp?

  • Under the seat next to the opening for the airbox

  • This is amazing bro.. I just wish I was in the US..

    Here in my place I can't find someone to do this work..