Photos from David Lee Watkins's post

Interested in picking up another bike.

  • Hum well its intristing

  • It's on the neat factor. Fact that it looks neat. Lol

  • I love the small displacement bikes. (550 and below). And the real small bikes just have so much character when built

  • I really like the way it looks. I know it's only a 125.

  • Do it!

  • I don't remember these. Mid 60's?

  • I don't think you'd buy it if it didn't have potential. Add'er to the collection, brother!

  • That seat is obviously designed for people with one butt cheek.

  • CC's doesn't make you any different the fact that you ride is good enough. Btw that looks like a pretty nice get around towner. That would turn heads if it were cleaned up