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Now had my storm for about a month so happy with it the big blackbird was my last ride , yeah it had a lot more power but the storm is a better bike

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  • Should of kept the bird :-)

    I've got both a bird and a storm

  • Lloyd Catterall the bird was a great bike , had to get rid of it and was bike less for 10 months happy with the storm :)

  • The Blackbird is a great bike, and does its job really well, but lacks character.

    The Storm is also a great bike, and has bags of character. It's just more fun to ride!

  • Mark Spook Taylor you are so dam right the sound of the storm and it has so much character it's a great bike I love it :)

  • Riding is all about how it makes u feel. Not about how much power u have. Ive got a zx9 and a storm. Had faster bikes but wouldnt swop them for anything as they never fail to put a smile on my face

  • The vtr is a great bike and I love them but it's just not a everyday bike , well not for me anyway.

  • I agree Lloyd Catterall. As great a bike as the Storm is, my daily is an old '91 VFR750, which is a great do-everything machine, but fails to stir the soul like the Storm does! Grin factor!!!

  • Well I ride my storm on the weekends so it's pretty close to perfect for me :)

  • Storm has soul.

  • A four is just a four, but a Vtwin is a ride!