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Mornin Shadows, now that I have the nice cleaned up-ish pictures up of Stubbs. Now I have to run damage control. I believe its mostly cosmetic but in the process of removing the sissy bar I managed to snap a bolt. I have some on order but I'm stuck with figuring out how to remove the threaded bit. Any suggestions on how to do so. I have no access to a drill or dremal.

  • Without a drill and an EZ out you're kind of screwed....

  • Make a cylindrical liner of paper. Insert. JB weld a long shank bolt to it, let cure. Use ratchet and breaker bar to back it out.

    Be especially carefully not to let the wet jb weld contact anything except the sheared top, hence the liner.

  • Remove the chrome cover soke the shit out of the bolt for days then vice grips super tight and slowly try to turn it. If that don't work time to start drilling. Best of luck.

  • If you can remove that cover you might be able to get a pipe wrench on it and pull it right off

  • My mechanical knowledge is not that good yet. From looking at everything I would have to tear down the suspension and the bag rails to get that cosmetic plate off.

  • take everything ap[art REMEMBER WERE IT GOES ! mole grips or monkey wrench should grab it good luck

  • Take it somewhere that has proper tools with mechanics that have the skill to do it. My guess is that most fixes to this are beyond your current DIY tools and experience. The risk is in doing more harm.

  • We usually tig weld a t-bar or nut on broken bolts but i dunno if it would require so much heat as to discolor your chrome. The jb weld is a safer bet.