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    Well it's a new year and out with the Old Honda Forza 300 and in with the new one ( in March that is) a blue one which I like the best.

    It's just arrived at Honda Rochdale today before the price increase (going up £100) and waiting for the new reg and some fine weather soon

    • It looks like the 125 version

    • it is, dave is changing his 300 for a 125, :)

    • Down sizing again

    • Good move

    • When u ride it u will have a smile like that cat from Alice in wonderland all the time

    • Ca donne envie d'acheter un deuxième !

    • Had this out on demo months ago new , we always liked the S wing too, my wife rides a PCX

    • David Wild I have both forza and pcx

    • My pcx

    • My forza

    • David, I'm sure you are not going to be disappointed.

    • Mrs Carole Wild bike ,she needs a big box to get her shopping in

    • There are two types for the pcx a 29 litre or a 35 litre one

    • Is it really going up in price then?

    • Thats what my dealer says,Evgenij Lichogrud he has bought a few in before the price increase

    • Did the same on the Honda msx whent up a few hundred fairly quickly after release

    • They did that with the pcx model shortly after the led version came out