Photos from Davide Preatoni's post

What brand and model are this handlebar?? I want to buy it for my 1100 aero but where can I find it?...thanks

  • Check out White Bros. Beach bars, it may be made by them

  • I love that bike, those are cool bars.

  • Are they after market bars or just low profile risers?

  • Tough question, they almost appear stock just turned down a little bit

  • Don't look comfortable, (or safe), to me.

  • comparing them to several other 1100 photos they look wider than stock.

  • Those are BEACH BARS, amigos. I've had them on a couple bikes and they were the most comfy bars I've ever grabbed 'hold of. I use the "Nostalgia Bars" on my Drifter. Hint: If they're too wide, cut them down and don't be afraid to weight the ends. Your mirrors will thank you...

  • What year drifter? 1500 or 800?

  • '05 1500 w/03 tins. I liked the red better than blk/silver.

  • Very nice, If i can sell my aero that is going to be my next bike. I'm looking for the chrome version i believe there 01-05 1500 if that is correct

  • You're right, Collin. At one time I also had an 98 O&C 1100C3. I miss it every day.

  • I want a bigger engine and the drifter has the looks plus the cc's. But you saying that you miss yours isn't helping me lol. Your C3 was beautiful. It looks like you had the V&H A.C.E. bagger exhaust. I was contemplating doing that also. I currently have the Longshots on mine

  • Collin Baldwin you can always request pics of its twin if it'll make you feel better!

  • thank you all for the informations!!! (y)

  • Collin, the trick is to keep the "old" iron while acquiring new :-) My Aero had V&H head pipes w/Freedom straights & fishtails, all sourced from Tami, as the bike was. I re-laced the wheels w/stainless spokes and nips from Buchanan's in CA and polished the myself. Tires were Metz 880s w/gangster whitewall applied by Tab Chapman, Diamond Back tires in N. Carolina, same outfit that did my Drifter's red line tires. Hideously expensive but....

  • Wow, thank you. Good ol Tami, I was on freedoms website ! Not cheap but nice things never are .