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HI ALL. it was mentioned to me to find a Honda FB group to get good idea for my new 2009 Honda Shadow 750 I bought this summer. I'm thinking of getting a windshield for it and have no idea what questions to ask or where to start with my search. I'll be looking here for support. thanks guys/gals.

  • I also strongly urge you to get an engine guard/crash bar. I dropped my bike 2 weeks after I bought it and was pinned for about 10 minutes until someone finally heard me yelling. Consider it as essential safety equipment! Keeps that bike from pinning you down.

  • Good looking bike.

  • I agree with Theresa Reimer Right after i bought my bike I was going out for a ride kick stand up, started it, forgot my wallet, shut it off, stepped off, Forgot to put the kick stand down. Luckily I had an engine guard so no damage to the bike. Bruised ego though.

  • memphis shades windshield,cobra crash bar and get the ultimate seat,so much better than mustang,i have had both ultimate is way more comfortable

  • I have switchblade and love that I can change out so quick.

  • I just joined this group, and just got my first bike - a 2009 Shadow 750 like yours. Mine already had the windshield and I like that it's detachable. I don't have saddlebags though and I think I'm going to need them.

  • My wife and I both have the National Cycle 2up windshield. We love them.

  • Go naked no screen

  • A good windshield is a must for serious riding. Throttle locks/cruise controls are good things too. I urge you to get some catalogs like JP Cycles, Dennis Kirk etc to compare prices and what parts and riding gear you can get. I don't advise wasting money on aftermarket exhaust or ridiculous styled handlebars that are ergonomically wrong. They reduce control and safety. Btw I say this with about 40 yrs behind me. Ride safe, ride far and enjoy.

  • Around town, or for short blasts down the highway, no need for screen. Otherwise, I use a screen that does the job but is barely visable. just clear plexiglas and thin chrome supports.