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New bike collect!

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  • Need a Scott Finlay motor for that bud - got to say you were last person I expected to buy one of these

  • Beat colour in the new SF in my opinion

  • Good colour choice

  • My friend bought the yellow one! Couldn't get the same

  • Been tempted to get myself one lol

  • I just ordered the same colour ... get it a week today :)

  • I just picked mine up this evening.......had so much fun already!

  • 45 mins later I had the air box apart.

  • Ha leavers are done, air box done, throttle slack done, reflectors at the front are off, and tail tidy Saturday.

  • I took off the wire gauze behind the paper filter and the small internal pipe behind the paper filter? That enough?

  • That's all I've don't to mine for the air box yeah,