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Changed my front sprocket today... Went down from 15t to 14t, would recommend, acceleration has improved without really affecting the top end. Rear sprocket is stock size. Which I think is 34.

If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Here is a link to the product I purchased

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  • I'm back form my blast out I can safely say that it's a bloody awesome modification, pulls much better but looses top end... I'd say it struggles more up hill and on flat still about 65

  • You realise it's now going (even) slower in real life compared to what the speedo says?

  • Yeah much slower but the pull in 1 and 2nd is really good.... Much better over stock

  • And you don't loose that much top end haha

  • like how much? just a few mph?

  • Just a few :=)

  • I changed my rear to a 38,. I need a smaller front now too

  • Were can i buy a smaller front?

  • Sorry just seen link is it the post.. Really that cheap?? Im getting one

  • I went from 74 mph to 72 on top end