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    I'm doing my theory and Lessons soon.... I've found two bikes I'm stuck between which one do you guys prefer can't make my mind up... I'm sure there will be others out by the time I pass but I really like these

    Both 650's only price difference is £704 but the grom has to go unfortunately

    • The mt has an amazing chassis. Go for that one. I went for the 09 and I love it.

    • This was my SV650 a few years ago good little bikes

    • I'm restricted on what I can have with bar width..... I'd rather have a brand new bike atleast I know it's not been ragged about.... Been down the road.... Wheelied and abused plus as well would like something different what loads of people haven't got yet that's what made me want the grom as they was rare around my area

    • I had a CBR400RR back in 1991 tiny little bikes

    • Go for a BMW G310R

    • Id go MT07

    • Insurance is to high on MT insurance is cheaper on the SV than my grom

    • That's for SV

    • Holy shit insurance is expensive in the U.K. I pay 240 Australian fully comprehensive for a VTR1000

    • It normally goes down after you have been riding for longer and have no claims x

    • True... still 700 pounds is a shed load of money that's like a year payment on the bike.

    • I know. It's the same for new car drivers i know people are looking at well over a grand for first years car insurance.

    • Another reason I'd happily move to auz lol

    • Lol... we have compulsory insurance third party on our road tax. So every vehicle in theory has insurance, up to you if you get comprehensive.

    • My uncle lives nsw really wanna visit but costs are ridiculous with the kids tbf. It's the one place I'd happily move to. Hubby too

    • I had to declare my accident if it wasn't for that I'd have no claims

    • The only problem with Australia is every animal is trying to kill you.. if you can cope with that..it's great, plus I live in Queensland and a cold winter day is 12c. So I can ride all year road.

    • Gutting :(

    • Also hope your OK after accident

    • Yeah I'm fine now just a stupid woman doing an illegal U turn in the road as I was passing her

    • Yeah see if really don't do spiders lol anything else I could deal with

    • Oh no :( other people costing you. That's crap x

    • Ok I won't tell you about the "as big as you hand" jumping huntsman spider and I won't show you a picture either...

    • Lol I know hun huntsman can be huge but not nasty x