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Just put it out have a 2012 rancher 420 es with about 50 miles on brand new rebuild this are the spec on it

Pulled motor completed rebuild cleaned out new crank and crank bearing at 50 miles ago...

35%gear reduction

Epi economy clutch kit

Brand new top end bored .025 over

Has 2in lift in front with high lifter springs

Stretch 3 inches in rear with 2in lift

Custom 450 u joint

new ball joints

new tie rods

new wheel bearing

New rear bearing

Power commander pc5

Big gun Evo exhaust

Upgrade front axles

Under glow

Brake delete

Dual axle paddles

Custom radiator relocate

Custom 4wd shift knob

Title in hand!!

Located in Opelousas,la will go on 26 mud lites not the 31s

%d comments
  • I do work on the side best thing to do is pull motor and bring it so some to pull it apart and reseal it

  • Not going to Honda shop lol. Going to a local 4 wheeler shop.

  • Yea best thing to save you a lot of money if you just pull the motor and bring it to them

  • Cuts down a lot on the labor charge of pulling plastic and diff to get to the motor

  • Bump

  • Did u sell it yet and how much

  • Have a sell pending and asking 5500 on 26 mud lites

  • How do you have a sell pending for that money? I can't hardly get someone to give me 5k for my built 2014 on 32.5s

  • got a sell pending for 5k right now

  • Jason Bell