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    My 01 rancher 350 bored to a 400. 2 inch lift with 27 mega mayhems.

    • Kahen battle had a honda like 3 weeks ago lmao your the typical honda kid talking shit. However you are right about the motor displacement, and please send me a video of that Polaris slinging those 30s. And the only way a honda is gonna smoke when you hit the water is if the snorkel leaks. My buddy had a 13 500 ran underwater just as good as a submarine lol honda is by far NOT bulletproof but they are the closest to it

    • Just as long as there's no shit lmao

    • I got a 2015 750 bruteforce and a 2014 500 foreman and I like them both the same

    • Yep your right I owned a honda in august i never rode it, it sat on a trailer until someone was dumb enough to trade for it

    • Some people want power an some want their shit still be working in 5 years well I go Honda all the way Bc belts are gay

    • How are belts gay lol

    • James that has got to be the dumbest shit I've ever heard my arctic cat sat in my garage for 6 years and all I had to do was change the battery and it fired right up. Yall act like honda is the greatest bike ever sure they last long. But I don't want to have the same bike when I'm 30.

    • Its all in how you ride them and maintance it dont mater can am polaris suzuki honda yamaha

    • Their is a reason why they're more bikes with belts they hold power better.