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    07-13 420 rancher big gun exhaust for sale. Tip is powder coated white. Good shape everything's tight. Located in mooreville Mississippi. Will ship.

    • 175

    • Ship to Houlton?

    • Zip code?

    • 04730

    • It's gonna be 35 to ship. I'll do $200 shipped

    • Let me think about it

    • What size tires

    • 31s

    • Oh nice

    • Would I trade for a stock exhaust

    • What exhaust are you gonna go with?

    • I'm going back to hmf. I'm getting bored with the sound of big gun after having three in a row lol.

    • No Trent I already have a few of them lol

    • Yeah I've had 2 big guns now I'm with hmf completely will never ever go back with a big gun

    • Yeah i like the hmf sound a lot more. Atleast I think I do lol. I just get bored of things quick. Wish I wouldn't have gotten rid of my old hmf though