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Trying to wire these Pyle wake tower speakers into a Pyle hydra four channel amp. And I cannot for the life of me to get them to work. Does anyone have any pointers !?

  • Sweet. Idk if I'll be riding yet. Gotta split my cases and build my motor and waiting on a gr

  • Geez. Man I thought u had the rancher done bud.

  • I did until a stick jerked my snorkel out and filled my motor full of water lol

  • Dang. And when did this happen?

  • About 3 days ago lol. Sucks big time. But oh well. It happens I guess. Gotta pay to get my lift put on my truck then Ima focus on the rancher again

  • Buddy. U better get to work. I've heard about you. Saying you have a bad rancher. I'd like to see what it does.

  • Oh she'll do work haha. I'm ready to have it back running good. I'll giver hell anyways I'm sure. Just throw some no smoke in that motor lol

  • Lol. Well hopefully u will be riding the first weekend of slangers.

  • I just wired one. Have to have remote wire and turn gain all the way up. It took me a second to get it working too