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My brother has an 08 rancher 420 4x4 (420fm) when the key is first turned on. The fuel injection light does not come on at all, nor does the temp light but neutral does all other components work fine. Fuel pump is straight wired. It will turn all day but not crank (no spark) kill switch seems to be working fine changed the CDI regulater/rectifier went through all plugs cleaned out good put dielectic grease in them I went through the wire junction s and the middle was cracked and full of mud cleaned it and tried to reuse the grey and brown fuse like deal but they look corroded and black in small areas any help is appreciated also the throttle body doesn't make a single sound at all

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  • The ecu (the computer) same thing happened to mine and it's about a $300 part

  • I swapped in onto my 07 and it fired right up

  • Then man I don't know what it is

  • It's the damndest thing mine I've tried everything. I feel like it's going to be that wire junction

  • Jeffery Long

  • Check grounds and good battery connection first.

  • It has a good ground from block to frame and I redid all the connections to battery

  • Try coil next. My have a short in wiring harness

  • It's got another coil on it but I'll try that I've got a spare and I hope it's not a bad harness

  • Aight man

  • Thanks

  • Yes sir.

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  • Why is the fuel pump wired straight? Fuel and spark work together so if you have a problem with t uhh e fuel system (relay ) you will have no spark.

  • It's actually the fuse box that's wired to the battery it's been like that since I've had the wheeler prolly a year or more