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Need advice. What is a fair price to ask for my bike? It is a 2006 spirit 1100 with a new seat (memory foam ) with 3500 miles. It is completely stock , drives and runs perfect. I have never sold a bike so don't know a realistic price. Comes with a new (never installed) Viking bags, XXL riding jacket with all the hard skid plates on back and joints, a black bag with 5 helmets. The only damage is shown on one of the pictures. It happened with the original owner so I don't know the story. Any advice would be appreciated.

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  • I usually take Kelley Blue Book and NADA values into consideration for both buying and selling bikes. I have found NADA values a little less with bikes compared to Kelley Blue Book while the opposite is true for cars.

  • If it wasn't for the dent in the tank I would say that you would get the top Book value out of this because of the low mileage. But dents and scratches can affect value considerably.

    Still, it is a nice bike and otherwise looks quite clean. I would think that you should have no trouble getting around $2,600 and maybe as much as $3,000 for it.

    This is all just my opinion. Good luck with your sale.

  • Tank dent, probably laid down, but if that's the only damage and the bike runs well and goes straight, not a big deal. I'm in Arizona so used bikes are readily available everywhere, might skew the market a bit, but that year and miles, I'd put it up 3k obo. I bought my 99 1100 for 2300 and it had 23k miles so 3k is reasonable though some people may try to deal down because of the dent.

  • 2500-3000

  • NADA's value is less because kbb motorcycle value is dealership value only

  • Ya, it's kind of funny because NADA is a dealer book (National Automobile Dealers Association).

    Around here if a bike is clean and low miles it usually goes for around Kelley Blue Book retail value. I imagine other places where bikes are ridden year round and have higher miles that they would probably not sell for as much.

  • I got mine for $2,400. It's a 98 shadow spirit 1100.

  • I agree with about $3,000 obo. I would list it for $3,200 and let them haggle you to a price between $2600-$2900