Photos from Edgars Tiltiņš's post


Also want to give some valuable insight on recent incident.

Its kinda a obvious that I'm far away not the only one who like brand new scooter...

Thus recently some junkies tried to steal it by old fashion way by bending the handle bar in order to break steer blocking.

The front wheels disc alarm was glued by tape, in order to avoid shaking and activating alarm . (apparently it works )

How ever Honda has been proved that they had been working on scooters security and instead of breaking the wheel block all they manage to do is bend my handle bar. (that I beleave was intentionally made softer than the protection system of wheel)

Lucky was insured so got away with some stress and waisted time.

Pictures bellow.

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  • Scumbags. Hope you get it sorted soon.

  • Sympathy...but that's interesting and encouraging about the handlebar lock.