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    It is with much sadness and regret that I inform you all of the passing of my beautiful reliable friend, CP07BDV, blue honda cbf1000 into new ownership. The new owner is pictured on the bike. I wish him many miles of happy motorcycling and know that he has bought a well kept tidy and reliable bike. I know that I will never own such a good bike again but would rather see it being used due to my current health status

    When I get sorted I'm back on bikes but not sure in what form! as The terminator said. -- I'll be back.

    • Keep up the fight

    • I have to admit that I was never a Big honda fan (hope you lot don't count that as blasphemy). When I was buying the cbf I narrowed the choice down to a bandit 1200 or the Honda. I rode a 1200 bandit and hated it, and I had a 600 bandit at the time. The cbf was more civilised., nice to ride, smoother and a lot more practical bike. I never understood why Honda didn't take a more proactive stance in selling and advertising these superb bikes. Any regrets? Yes.. My regret is that I had to sell it. What a superb machine. Loved it.

    • From a kawasaki fan and now a converted honda fan, but I'm not sure about Marquez.

    • Hope you get well soon

    • Love Honda but not in the moto gp

    • So do I. Thank you

    • Sorry to annoy you guys but there's a big empty space in my garage. It's nearly as big as the one in my heart. Oh why did I do it.