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I am still trying to figure out what's rubbing in my Lifan 150 after I reassembled it. I think I may have figured it out but the parts diagram is not very clear. It looks like I am missing either the #9 or 11 washer. I guess I must have lost it somewhere. The washer I do have has 3 legs and I wonder which way they are supposed to point? I had them pointing in but now I pointed the out and reassembled it. It does not seem as draggy but I am not sure. Any help will be greatly appreciated. It is warming up for riding now and the first race is coming up Apr 1st.

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  • How in the world could I lose that piece? More importantly now where can I get one?

  • What piece?

  • The notched washer. I have the 3 prong part

  • Try Lifan wholesale parts or ebay

  • Is it the 22372/1P50FMG-3 Washer, splined B17 or the 22374/1P50FMG-3 Washer, clutch?

  • Not sure

  • Here you tbolt they have the washer kit in stock

  • Thanks a million!

  • Only 6 bucks

  • I got the clutch washer kit from T-bolt but the notched washer is thicker than the notch on my shaft. Wondering if I should grind the washer thinner so I can use it with the lock or leave the lock clip out?

  • Just me but I would not go without a lock clip. I'd grind then polish smooth the surface.