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I don't usually ask for help, but I need some now.

I have a 08 750 aero and I have an after market tachometer I want to install, but I don't know what wire is what or where they attach to.

The red and black are the lights.

It's the




Can any one help, thanks

  • I was kinda hoping that someone knows

  • I wouldn't think that the colors are universal. What brand is it? Where'd you buy it?

  • got it from china $10. whats to lose, worth a try

  • the lights work LOL

  • Sounds like you just lost $10.

  • On YouTube, look up a video called "$12 eBay Tachometer - Wiring Diagram Explained - Mini Bike Scooter". The guy explains the wiring. Basically the paired black and red are only for the light. The other three are Green - Negative, Black - Positive, Yellow/Black - to coil negative side.

  • But that's just some dude on the web, just like me. No guarantees.

  • thanks ,worth a try

  • When you get it figured out and it works well, post a link to the ebay site, and the instructions. I'd like a $10 tach ;)

  • when it works I will definitely post all relevant information and say a big thank you

  • I have the same and used these instructions. And no, it's not working well (at least mine).

  • whats the problem with it

  • If it's not working well, I'd rip that junk out and throw it in the garbage before it shorts out and takes out more (and important) electrics with it. Cheap chinese tachs should stay in china, on shitty chinese bikes.

  • Fred Crusty Hayes , for example, it's showing about 3000 rpm on both fourth and fifth gear at the same speed

  • Mike Burger , you are absolutely right...

  • well that's good to know. but gonna try it anyway , this week some time have to wait for nicer weather here in ontario

  • Georgi Georgiev if you dont solder the wires you will get readings like that,and the ground has to be really good