Photos from Garry Schmidt's post

Hey everyone, I've been riding for just over 2 years and I'm on my 2nd bike. My first bike was a 2003 Vulcan 500 that was pretty much at the end of its lifespan and I rode it til the starter clutch gave out and just decided to buy a newer and better bike. I currently ride my 2005 Shadow Spirit 750. It originally came blue and grey, and unfortunately only stayed like that for a single day as I was ran off the road the very next day and had to drop the bike. I then got right to work fixing it and decided to go with a old school bobber style and the 2 black pictures is the way it sits today. I look forward to checking out all your builds and hopefully yall like how mine is going.

  • We need to meet up one day

  • I have the Gray one

  • For sure, just waiting for drier weather to come our way.

  • how did you mount the plate bracket? is it one made for your bike or a universal? Im turning my 83 vt500 into a bobber and was thinking about one of those brackets

  • The side mount plate and tail light came from the same auction on eBay. I got it from China since it was cheap, it's basically universal since you can use whatever washer that's necessary to mount it. It's mounted by the bottom strut bolt on the left side. I can take a better picture tomorrow if you need me too.

  • This is mine.

  • The wiring is just 3 wires: one ground and 2 positives. You cut the clip off the factory brake light wiring and just connect them to each other with the included connectors. I'd have to take my seat off to remember how I wired it because I did trial and error until I figured the colors out.

  • You also have the option of getting a mount without the tail light and just mount a tail light on your rear fender instead if you're going to have a rear fender that is.

  • Making it your own is always wazzup...

  • I still got some work to do, and I'm talking with a buddy of mine that can draw really well so I'm about to take the bike up a notch in a few months.